About Us
  • Lindsay and Brady Hanna have owned rental real estate for over 5 years.  It started out when Lindsay bought a loft in downtown Kansas City before we were married.  Once married, we didn't need the loft anymore, so we decided to use it as a rental.  Fast forward five years and we have two wonderful young children, Tyler and Hailey, ages 3 and 1.  Tyler was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 20 months and we quickly decided we needed to come up with a way to support our children long after we were gone.  We researched high and low on the best options and decided that real estate would be our best bet.  

  • Having bought and sold a couple of houses with our growing family over the years, we started down the path of research to find out the best option for us.  Not having loads of time with Brady having a full-time job in Lenexa and Lindsay having a full-time job watching after 2 children (one with special needs), we decided the best option for us is long-term buy and hold rental real estate.  This is how we became real estate investors, hope you enjoy our story! 

  •         Brady's Bio
    • Born in Manhattan, Kansas
    • Raised in Riley, Kansas (Population of 800)
    • Attended Riley County High School
    • Attended Kansas State University
    • Spent 8+ years in Sales for a local business in Kansas City
    • Married since 2008
    • Two children in the DeSoto school district

            Lindsay's Bio
    • Born in Wichita, Kansas
    • Raised in Halstead, Kansas (Population of 2,000)
    • Attended Halstead High School
    • Attended Emporia State University
    • Spent 6+ years in Nursing in Kansas City
    • Married since 2008
    • Two children in the DeSoto school district

            Brady & Lindsay's Interests
    • In addition to Real Estate, we both love to travel the country and take in everything that every unique city has to offer.
    • Brady loves fishing, exercising, golfing, socializing,  cooking some BBQ, and spending time with the family. 
    • Lindsay loves shopping, cooking, reading, and spending time with the family. 

    When looking for real world advice on the subject of Real Estate investing in Kansas City, turn to our blog here.  We have documented our journey from day one for all to enjoy.  Our philosophy is that we want everyone to have the chance to be successful in real estate, and hopefully you can learn a little bit along the way from reading our journey!